Sunday, August 14, 2011

Picks for 8/14

 Oil States International (OIS) -  Thanks to the recent large dip in almost all securities, OIS is now selling for a discount. Oil State's earnings have beaten analysts expectations for 15 of their last 15 quarters and there are no signs of anything disrupting that trend going forward. Their EPS growth rate for this year is over 175% and their EPS quarter over quarter is at an 88% growth rate. They released their second quarter results on the first of this month with a revenue of 820 million, up 28% from a year ago. Next quarters and year earnings estimates have both risen accordingly with next years average up to $6.59 which would equal a 24% growth rate. Additionally looking at their chart for the last month it looks like a double bottom formed with the first bottom on July 28th followed by about a 10% rally and then the second bottom on August 8th. While the chart alone doesn't provide that large of a buy signal, in conjunction with OIS's fundamental indicators I think it presents a very favorable opportunity.Their forward p/e is barely over 10 leaving plenty of room for growth and with the future need for oil I think this stock will do well both short and long term.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals (JAZZ) - Another stock beaten down courtesy of Mr. Market, JAZZ has gained over 360% in a year thanks to continually beating earnings estimates including its most recent quarter where revenue increased by $64.6 million.  The companies main product is a drug called Xyrem which treats excessive daytime sleepiness and cataplexy in patients with narcolepsy and increased its growth by 67% to $56.2 million. Their other drug is called Luvox treats OCD and saw its sales increase by 26%. Next quarter its supposed to grow its earnings by 54% and by the end of this year its expecting to have grown over 136% and see's an increase of over 18% for the next 5 years per annum.

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